New Visions Youth Development Center, Nashville, Tennessee "Building Blocks of Empowerment" 60' x 25'

Read Judge’s Kind Words to Emanuel concerning “Achieving New Heights”

Check out these kind words from Judge Bartholomew to Emanuel concerning the Slate Canyon mural “Achieving New Heights”

“Thanks so much for coming to Provo, Utah and helping our youth in the Slate Canyon facility paint the beautiful mural that they did. I could tell during the unveiling ceremony these young men took pride in their work, and they developed many valuable skills in the process. The lasting effects of your mentoring will not only be displayed in Slate Canyon’s new lovely mural, but it also will be portrayed in the character of the young men who created this work of art.

I also appreciate the words you spoke during the ceremony.”

Brent H. Bartholomew
Juvenile Court Judge

Attendees at "Achieving New Heights" unveiling

Attendees at “Achieving New Heights” unveiling

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