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Art Contest Leaders To This Point…

There is still time to get behind your favorite entries in this year’s art contest! Online voting ends October 28th and then it will be on to our celebrity judges for Best in Show!

Here are the leaders in each category so far – In No Particular Order:

Mixed Media
“Miss Understood” by Miracle from Morehead, KY
“Then Came the Morning” by Adrian from Cordele, GA
“Portrait of the Joker” by Steven from Mill Creek, UT
“Colors of My Culture” by Carwin from Cedar City, UT

Colored Pencil
“Abstract” by AM from El Paso, TX
“Crooked Reality” by Devon from Logansport, IN
“Marines” by JC from El Paso, TX
“Mystery Girl” by Katherine from Madison, IN

“The One” by Kevin from Tulsa, OK
“Native American” by Aye from Midland, GA
“Where is the Love” by Travis from Mill Creek, UT
“Shooting Stars” by Brady from Logansport, IN

Water Color
“I’m On My Way” by Candice from Morehead, KY
“Better Days Ahead” by Brooklyn from Morehead, KY
“Disguised” by Madyson from Morehead, KY
“Unveiled” by Kaylee from Morehead, KY

Good Luck to All our contestants and remember there is still time to gather the troops and vote others not mentioned here to the front by going to www.emanuelproject.org

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