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Crescent Leadership Academy Gets New Mural

Here are pictures and concept thoughts for the new mural “Education = Positive Transformation” done this summer by Emanuel and the youth at Crescent Leadership Academy in New Orleans!

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“To the staff and students at the Crscent Leadership Academy

The concept below is a sketch of what I envision for the cafeteris mural at the Crescent Leadership Academy in New Orleans. This was on based on how I interpret the mission and vision of this academy.From left to right will be a crescent moon against a dark background that lightens has it moves to the right. This crescent symbol forms a “C” followed by a “L” and an “A” that is an abreviation for “ Crescent Leadership Academy. The “L” moves forward into an arrow to emphasize Leadership. The “A” uplift’s the dominant graduate’s arm who is holding his diploma and who repesents a leader. Following behind Him are more graduates in a proud formation. The arrow points to a beautiful butterfly, a symbol of transformation used in most cultures. The colorful butterfly will leave behind rays of color to represent it’s influence on the world. As a symbol of growth and health, a plant emerges into flowering bud.”

Submitted by: Emanuel Martinez, director of the mural component of the Emanuel Project.

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