New Visions Youth Development Center, Nashville, TN - "Building Blocks of Empowerment" 60' x 25'

Terms of the Program

Participation in the Emanuel Project requires your help in implementing the program and your support in providing data and feedback on its progress and impact. Once you have decided to join the Emanuel Project, there are two important requirements:

Your help implementing the program in your facility.

  • Make arrangements with our curriculum specialist and mural artist to bring supplies.
  • Try to engage outside individuals to help implement art programs after school or weekends.
  • Agree to help create awareness of the Emanuel Project in your facility by displaying posters and communicating with staff and students prior to Emanuel’s arrival.
  • Select a proper location for the mural in the facility.
  • Data and feedback on the Emanuel Project’s progress.
  • Data, such as case studies, test scores, discipline reports, hours in isolation, etc.
  • Pictures and stories of how you have implemented the program in your facility and how the supplies are being utilized.