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Girls of El Paso Juvenile Detention Center Start New Art Projects

IMG_3424Girls at the Juvenile Detention Center in El Paso, Texas created this fabulous wall art with materials donated by the Emanuel Project. This is a beautiful example of how art continues to be incorporated into the culture of the facility well after the Emanuel Project has taken place. Students at the Judge Enrique H. Pena Juvenile Justice Center in El Paso had the opportunity to work with Emanuel Project team members Jeanne Wines-Reed and Emanuel Martinez last year in September. A mural was unveiled on Friday, September 21, 2012. One girl who worked on this wall art project stated that she felt at peace and ease while painting and enjoyed it very much. She said, “Never lose hope, always have faith and may God bless this day.” In addition, the Emanuel Project donated art supplies to the facility so that youth and administrators can continue incorporating art into the every day curriculum and to ensure a difference in all of the girl’s lives in the El Paso Juvenile Detention Center.

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