Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, Golden, CO - "Education" 30' x 13'

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Who is eligible to participate?
A: Juvenile detention facilities in the U.S. are eligible to apply

Q: What does the program entail?
A: The Emanuel Project offers art curriculum and art therapy initiatives as well as a compelling mural program for incarcerated youth. The program is a research based program designed to improve behavioral and academic patterns among incarcerated youth.

Q: How are facilities selected to participate?
A: The Emanuel Project will be implemented in 10 facilities across the nation in 2012. Facilities are selected based on level of interest and support with research initiatives. The first step is to complete the online application process. A telephone interview will take place followed by a visit to the facility.

Q: Are there any cost involved to participate in the program?
A: There is no cost to juvenile detention facilities to participate in the program.

Q: What happens after a facility is selected?
A: An Emanuel Project specialist will begin with the art curriculum program in training teachers, staff and administrators on how to utilize art in every day curriculum. In the meantime, preparation takes place for the arrival of Emanuel Martinez and implementation of the mural project.

Q: How many students can participate in the mural project?
A: There is no limit as to the number of students who can participate in the program. Some facilities allow all students to participate and others use the mural process as an incentive for good behavior.

Q: Do the students need to be skilled artist?
A: No specific skills are needed by the students to participate in the mural program or any part of the Emanuel Project. Emanuel Martinez designs the mural and draws it on the wall. The drawing becomes a large coloring book for students.

Q: How can the facility prepare for the mural project?
A: Murals can last up to 25 years or more with proper planning, selection and preparation of the right wall and location for the project. Below are helpful tips when choosing a wall for a mural:

  • Make sure the wall is built solid and is a permanent fixture
  • Ensure the wall is located in a well lit area
  • Stay away from southern light (northern light is good)
  • Take exact measurements of the wall
  • Prep the wall by removing nails, filling hole and cleaning the wall prior to starting
  • If the wall has paint, make sure the paint is water based
  • A great deal of time, creativity and materials is invested in painting a mural so make sure the wall is located in a high traffic area so everyone can enjoy!