Macon Youth Detention Center, Macon, GA - "Visualize Your Potential" 90' x 15'

Emanuel Project Opens Online Voting for 2nd Annual Art Contest with 136 Entries from 24 Facilities in 13 States

The Emanuel Project is hosting it’s 2nd annual National Art Contest for “America’s Forgotten Youth” and we would love for you to cast your vote for your favorite work of art and share the webpage with anyone you know! This event provides everyone an opportunity to see the Emanuel Project in action and showcases the talent that these youth have! This year we had a record 136 entries submitted from 24 facilities in 13 states across the nation!

You can view all the artwork, read about our celebrity judges and cast your vote by visiting: Each person is allowed 4 votes to utilize how they wish, either all on one of the four categories or one in each category. The number of votes are hidden from view to give each of our youth equal opportunity.

The top 3 pieces of artwork receiving the greateset number of votes in each category will be submitted to our celebrity judges, who will decide the grand prize winner. During the voting process we will be udating our Facebook page and the website with the top entries for each category. Voting is open through midnight on November 23rd and winners will be announced on December 7th.

We wish all our youth Good Luck and encourage each of you to vote, Donate and share so we can do this again next year!

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