Moorehead Youth Development Center, Moorehead, KY - "Together We Can Achieve..." 74' x 8'

Dandridge Tennessee Reveals Mobile Mural Project

We knew something big was brewing at the Dandridge facility in Tennessee… BUT this blew us at the Emanuel Project away!

Congratulations to Kenyon Patterson and the students at Mountain View Youth Development Campus in Dandridge, Tennessee on making this world a more colorful place!

Here are a few words from Kenyon Patterson on the Mobile Mural Project:

“The Tennessee Department of Children Services decided that the facility needed to be less austere. The Superintendent asked me to produce a dozen murals in a few weeks!

Instead of traveling all over the facility, we decided to paint the murals on 4X8 plywood sheets that could be moved from my classroom/studio to walls throughout the Core.

I recruited some of my more talented and motivated students to assist with the brainstorming and painting. We finished eight paintings in short order, and all were received very well by students and staff.

We have since finished the initial group, and decided to continue with an additional dozen or so to hang throughout the facility. The effect of all the art on the walls is noticeable, and it has really changed the complexion of the physical building.”

Here are some thoughts from Donald one of the students:
“The Emanuel Project and the Art Contest all showed me the other side of me. I can do anything I put my mind to. So, for all that, I say thank you for doing this.”

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