Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, Golden, CO - "Community" 30' x 13'

Crisp Students Unveil Chalk Art

MS. Nora’s Reflections on the Chalk Art Show at Crisp Co, GA Facility

“After teaching a weekend art class for five weeks, I began to plan the concluding art show with the students. I had an idea that I proposed to them, but secretly I myself was unsure about their reactions. My plan was to complete a chalk art show to music. They said that they wanted to participate, but I still had my doubts.
We brought a six foot easel covered with a black sheet to the facility for practice. Each of the students had a part in the drawing and they practiced their part to the music. One student also gave a short speech of introduction. Still, I had doubts….How would they perform? Would they remember their part? This was a live performance.
One the day of the ceremony, I asked the students how their week had been. One of the students replied, “Just been waiting for this!” The counselor even told us that all of the students had been looking forward to today.
The speech was perfect, everyone remembered their part, and there were no major mishaps. This was a patriotic scene of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. I had sewn a zipper into the sheet, and at the very end of the musical selection, we opened the zipper and a student pulled out an American flag! As I looked into the audience, one of the students in the audience who had come to watch the performance jumped up and gave a standing ovation.
Yes, that was their moment. They are children after all. They still like to draw Sponge Bob, to be in performances, to be recognized for something that they have done that is good. The Emanuel Project has made this possible. For the good of our country and for the love of children, we should add our support and contributions to this organization.”

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