Madison Juvenile Correction Facility, Madison, IN – “Creating Futures – 2″ 30′ x 8′

Art Helps Youth with No Visitors for Holidays

There are youth in facilities across the U.S. who will have no one come to visit them this Holiday Season. Activities like this window and ornament art from Morehead YDC are a good way to keep these youth active during the holidays:DSC09566 DSC09567 DSC09568 DSC09569 DSC09570 DSC09571 DSC09572 DSC09573 DSC09574 DSC09575 DSC09577 DSC09578 DSC09579 DSC09582 DSC09584 DSC09586 DSC09587 DSC09588 DSC09589 DSC09590 DSC09591 DSC09592

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