Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, Golden, CO - "Community" 30' x 13'


What we do

The Emanuel Project provides engaging art curriculum and art therapy initiatives as well as a fascinating mural program for juvenile detention facilities in the U.S. We teach staff and administrators how to incorporate art into everyday curriculum and offer art supplies and art therapy for students.

The focal point of the Emanuel Project is the unique opportunity for students to work side by side in painting a mural with the nationally renowned painter, sculptor and muralist Emanuel Martinez. The program has a powerful impact towards improving the lives of incarcerated youth by helping students strengthen communication skills, build self-esteem and bolster academic performance through a mural process.

The project is supported through research, which helps document the impact of art programs for incarcerated youth.

Curriculum and Instruction

Art in the curriculum has been observed to give confidence to students who may have been struggling to focus through traditional methods or were otherwise unmotivated. By giving these students an art project related to their studies, they were able to grasp concepts seemingly too challenging for them.

As part of the Emanuel Project, youth are provided safe and appropriate art supplies to participate in activities designed to augment the National Core Curriculum Content. The project also provides workshops to help instructors learn techniques and activities that can augment and enhance the curriculum. By doing so, the Emanuel Project is successfully reaching what those who work in these facilities routinely refer to as “America’s Forgotten Youth.”

The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice has also chosen to incorporate the Emanuel Project Art Curriculum as a supplement to their current curriculum and has implemented the program in all facilities statewide.